The novel, the television and the cinema have made the glory of these fictional characters. Yet, behind the famous d’artagnan, in the shadow of the terrible Dracula and under the mantle of Sherlock Holmes existed for real men. Even the female warrior Mulan, the avenger Zorro, and the series Mission impossible, hiding incredible fates.

Correspondent in Washington

The generic, recognizable between all, has hardly changed since the age of 53. Mission impossible , it is the wick that burns across the screen on a music at once haunting and jerky, composed by the Argentinian Lalo Schifrin from the rhythm of the morse code for the initials “M. I.”.

Well before the exploits of film from Tom Cruise, the other trademark of the television series appeared in 1966 on CBS is the hiding, the lack of legal existence claimed as a weapon necessary and legitimate during the cold war. At the beginning of each episode, Jim Phelps, …

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