super-hero and super-spy, would it not? While Robert Pattinson will take on the role of Batman in the next film Matt Reeves, The Batman Danny Boyle think that the british comedian would also have its place in the James Bond series.

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In an interview with The Guardian , on the occasion of the release of his new film, Yesterday (in theaters on July 3), the filmmaker, first préssenti to achieve James Bond 25 before leaving the vessel, admits to having had this idea in the view of the performance of Robert Pattinson in High Life by Claire Denis.

“It was so weird, I was sitting and I said to myself: ‘Oh my God, they should choose to be the next James Bond'”, recalls the filmmaker, who thinks that Robert Pattinson is not too young for the role. “He must have thirty years ago. How old was sean Connery when he played James Bond]? It is ready to go.”

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When Sean Connery has donned the costume of 007 for the first time, in Dr. No , the English actor was 31 years old. His replacement for the duration of one film, George Lazenby was 29 years of age, to James Bond: On her majesty’s service . Thus, the age of Robert Pattinson, 33 years old, this should not pose a problem if it is a day of the question that he assumes the role of the spy for the MI5.

Daniel Craig was 38 years old the first time he played James Bond. Today 51 years old, the british actor will leave the weapons at the end of James Bond 25 . And if several names such as those of Richard Madden or Tom Hardy inflame the canvas for a few months. Idris Elba was also asked to put on the tuxedo. However, the star of Luther and The Wire was assured that there would be nothing in an interview last summer to Good Morning Britain .

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Before a new James Bond is chosen, it is still necessary that the film during filming ends. Between the injury of Daniel Craig, and those of several members of the team due to an explosion and the repeated absences of Cary Fukunga delaying the recording of certain scenes, this new 007 is the mission impossible…