many american media had already mentioned the name of Robert Pattinson as a favorite to wear the costume of the famous avenger hidden. The information is confirmed today. According to Variety, the actor of 33 years, revealed in the saga of Twilight , was chosen by the studios Warner Bros. to embody Batman. A spokesman for the production said to our fellow americans that the contract was signed on Friday after successful testing.

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According to the experts, Robert Pattinson was elbow-to-elbow with fellow Nicholas Hoult (The beast with the blue fur in the X-Men ) to take the role of Batman in the eponymous film which will be directed by Matt Reeves ( Planet of The Apes ). The filming of The Batman should start as early as this summer for a theatrical release scheduled in June 2021.

Purpose: to burnish the image

Revealed by his role of Edward Cullen, the vampire sexy Twilight (2008-2012), Robert Pattinson has since expanded his popularity beyond the teen audience with films independent noticed. It has been displayed alongside Juliette Binoche in High Life , a work of science-fiction, Claire Denis, or even with Willem Dafoe in the horror film The Lighthouse Robert Eggers, very well received this year at the Cannes film festival. Robert Pattinson also appears in Tenet , the upcoming film by Christopher Nolan to be released in the summer of 2020.

a totally new palette of actors, Warner Bros. and DC are trying to make us forget the failures of both commercial as critical of most of their films in recent years. The palm of the nanar heroic returning the upper-hand in Justice League , a pale copy of what the Avengers are with Disney. This was without counting on the feature film Batman v. Superman , Suicide Squad or Aquaman , which have not helped to ink the universe in the cinematic landscape of the genre.

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