After Caesar, the seat of honor. The place N°1 of the salle Henri Langlois of the Cinémathèque of Paris now bears a plaque in the name of Robert Redford. As a throne for one of the emperors of american cinema. After the tribute the day before, during the 44th ceremony of Caesar, the actor’s 83-year-old has made a stop in place in paris dedicated to the 7th Art to hold a conference. “I swear to you that it will be better than last night,” teased Frédéric Bonnaud, director general of the Cinémathèque.

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the Prelude of this exchange, The president’s Men (1976) Alan Pakula is projected into the room. A film anthology, produced by Robert Redford himself: “I wanted to have a mastery over the political content of the film and make sure no one can come to alter this message. It was important to show that we were independent filmmakers. That we were not Hollywood”, he explains. It rediscovers the hair california, the bright smile and the blue eyes of the Redford from the 70’s to the sides of Dustin Hoffman. The one embodies Bob Woodward, the other Carl Bernstein, the two journalists from the Washington Post which have revealed the matter of the wiretaps, to the origin of the resignation of president Richard Nixon, in 1974. The movie Redford is eminently political. The Men of the president will be one of the best of its kind and a leading role in his acting career. A remarkable interpretation due in large part to the complicity with Dustin Hoffman during the shooting. “There has been a lot of improvisation, thanks to the proximity with Dustin and the work done together.”

“I started at the age of 21, I have 82”

Redford, filmmaker, political, but also environmental. Ecologist convinced, he did not fail to recall the lack of commitment of upper echelons on the subject, and “the divide between Washington and the rest of the country, which is even greater with the current administration.” The actor had already pointed the finger at the presidency of Donald Trump in a column published in the Washington Post last January.

At 82 years old, Robert Redford has lost none of his elegance and his sense of humor. Always that same bright smile that marked a whole generation. Frédéric Bonnaud and Bernard Benoliel look back on the career capital of the man that whispered to the ear of a horse. Especially on films shot with Sydney Pollack. Seven in total, including Three days of the condor (1975) or Out of Africa: Souvenirs of Africa, ten years later. The actor is back with emotion on his relationship with the filmmaker died in 2008. “He understood me perfectly as an actor. The trust between the two of us was total. It was the strength of our relationship. Then there is a huge freedom, a risk-taking that operates. I’m sorry he is not here with us today.” His career, Robert Redford seems to want to put an end to it. The Old Man and the Gun in David Lowery released in the beginning of the year on the platform of Amazon prime video might be his last appearance in the film. “I started at the age of 21, I 82. May be it’s time for me to move on to something else. Now is the time to get back to what I was doing before being a comedian, that is to say, an artist.” It will confirm to Frédéric Bonnaud a few seconds later wanting to “resume his brushes”.