Honour to the old! It is a Verdi man in his seventies, income of all, celebrated, and honored, assisting in the creation of his Otello , in February, 1887, at la Scala. The public milanese is flabbergasted. What energy, what strength in the old man that has never stopped refining his art As paths in a half-century, since Nabucco ! As if the inspiration of Verdi had not ceased to refine, to Polish, to strip it of all the tinsel and the rules of an Italian opera, of which he remains the most flamboyant representative.

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With its incredible stamp all-terrain, Roberto Alagna manages to retain that character to its flame as a juvenile, his musicality and natural sound like no other

Adapt the masterpiece of Shakespeare, however, was a challenge. Verdi had already faced Macbeth, in his youth, an opera among his most endearing, he never ceased, mending and resume. In deciding to put it to music, the tragedy of the Moor of Venice, the musician would strike an even bigger blow, because he blew up the framework. Here, more openness, more air of bravery, more melody winking: we are faced with a stream orchestral – a torrent of lava, even! – flowing from the stage and pours out his poison on a public stunned.

The booklet prepared by the very man of letters Arrigo Boito, is a model of its kind, as it maintains the balance of all the tensions. Here blow a force, a power and a force that one can’t from the pen of a composer in the twilight of his life. Boito and Verdi then thrown around Shakespeare for a Falstaff still more singular and original, but let’s stay in Venice.

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Incredible stamp

Otello account some of the roles, the more pronounced the repertoire of a tenor, and he asked in a voice of tempered steel. Some singers have broken the strings to want to sing too early. Others are made a specialty, such as Placido Domingo, Jon Vickers or other voices familiar in the repertoire of wagner, because Otello is sometimes convenient to “Heldentenors”. With his incredible stamp all-terrain, Roberto Alagna manages to retain that character to its flame as a juvenile, his musicality and natural sound like no other. You have to hear it in this role that it does not overload, but lighter, more polished. The recovery of the honest production of Andrei Serban at la Bastille will also be the opportunity to find our great tenor national to the sides of the Desdemona of Aleksandra Kurzak, his wife to the city. Singular game of mirrors that the couple who plays, on stage, the most famous dramas of jealousy!

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now Hope that the baritone Georgian George Gagnidze will be able to find all the torve seduction and the spineless elegance of the character of Iago, one of the most beautiful traitors in the history of music. And want to chief Bertrand de Billy to whisk as it should, the orchestra of the Opera, because Otello cannot be a volcano.

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