ROC went on the offensive against the

the Yekaterinburg eparchy has started collecting evidence of ill-treatment of children in Sredneuralskaya convent, the user who actually performs do in the service of Abbot Sergiy (Romanov).

Earlier edition reported that in 2009-2010 minors at the time the inmates of the cloister could have used “illegal methods of education”. On its YouTube channel, the chief editor of the portal Dmitry Kolesev reported possible evidence of use in the monastery of corporal punishment.

the diocese said recently that the study of testimonies of former inmates of the monastery, and on Thursday announced that get all the new complaints and therefore ask that former pupils, who believes that while in the monastery they used invalid measures of education, addressed directly to the head of Department for relations between the ROC society and the media Archpriest Maxim moneychanger.

the Yekaterinburg diocese said that ensures applicant confidentiality, and offered to give them spiritual and psychological help.

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