Mahalia Burkmar, the “new star of the soul”, will be released on September 6, his first album: “Love and Compromise”. For a change of ideas, what could be better than chaining the benefits? Two days ago, she was in Asia with his musicians.

Saturday 24 August, she was in Paris to perform at the festival Rock en Seine, which took place this weekend at the domaine national de Saint-Cloud. The English singer of 21 years has shaken the scene of the 4 winds with an hour of a show eventful. Mahalia is not his first festival. Quite to the contrary. Just before her performance, she confided on his vision of a festival successful.

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What is your favorite festival?

The festival Latitude, which takes place in Suffolk in England. I love the atmosphere, the energy and the people there. I used to go there with my family. The music is always awesome.

What was your first festival as a spectator?

I think that this is the festival Walk the Line, in the south of England. I went there for the first time when I was a child. My parents take me there for a festival since my birth. In my family, it’s a bit like going on holiday.

And as an artist?

The first could have been Lounge on the farm, held in Kent. Or maybe the Wilderness festival. I guess I was about 14 years old.

“It was extremely hot at Glastonbury this year, more than 36 degrees. It was barely bearable”

What kind of festival are you?

I like to be always comfortable. I travel literally all my room: pillows, duvet etc, I was a little more eccentric before. I spent more time outside.

what is it that you love the most in the festival?

I love it when it starts to get dark. The festival, Latitude, the forest becomes a dance floor illuminated by lanterns hanging in the trees. Everyone have a good time and it is magnificent.

The british singer of 21 years has occurred on Saturday 24th August at Rock en Seine.

what is it that you eat?

The food is so much better and varied than when I was younger. At the time, I ate mostly “fish and chips”. Today, I eat everything, it can be fried like pizza.

do You prefer to spend a festival in the rain or under a blazing sun?

The festivals in the rain can be really difficult. The sun is so much more pleasant. But when it is too hot, it is stressful. It was extremely hot at Glastonbury this year, more than 36 degrees. It was barely bearable.

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What is your favorite outfit?

It must be comfortable. A bit like what I’m wearing now: a cyclist, a t-shirt and wide sneakers.

What are the best songs, in your directory, to open and close a concert in a festival?

To open, it must be something huge. As a “Do not disturb”. And to close, always “I wish I missed my ex”. It’s so fun and upbeat.

What is your story of the craziest in the festival?

Latitude, I guess I was about 14 years old and I was in the dressing room. Ben Hauer was going to go on stage. He came towards me, he had two t-shirts in her hands and asked me which he should wear. I liked it at the time, I was paralyzed and I looked at him, responding simply: “I don’t know.”