January 8: Melvil Poupaud and Benjamin Biolay to Roman sur Isère, and then tour for 17 dates, which will stop in Paris at The Olympia on 19 and 20 February

9 January: Arthur H at Vienna (38) then tour of 35 dates with the final at the Olympia on April 3,

January 10: Dominique to Bastia and then 36 times on 29 January at the salle Pleyel. End at Cannes, march 23,

January 11 : David Hallyday Enghien les Bains (95) and then a tour of 12 dates. End on the 27th of July in Saint Etienne au Mont (62)

January 11 : Fire! Chatterton at Oignies (62) and 29 dates including the Zenith in Paris the 24 January. Up to 20 July in Spa (Belgium)

January 11: Sheila in Vierzon (18), 26 January the Saint-Estève (66), 29 march in Longjumeau (91), march 30, Yerres (91), 24 November at Dammarie les Lys (77)

January 11: Grand Corps Malade in le Havre and then 20 dates with in the end, the 10-11-12 October in the Olympia,

12 January: Amir in the Louvre as a Cultural space, then 24 dates, including the Zenith in Paris on 16 march. The end of the 7 April in Montpellier

12 January: Claudio Capeo in Amneville (57) and 39 dates up to April 24, 2020 in Strasbourg

12 January: Thomas Fersen in Le Thor (84) and 12 dates until June 6, at The Haillan (33)

12 January: Radio Elvis to Echire (79) and 21 times as the Trianon on 4 April. Up to Saint-Étienne, June 15

January 13: André Manoukian to Mulhouse. Then tour of 17 dates, including the Seine river Musical, February 15. With Élodie Frégé , January 20, at Saint-Jean d’angely (17) on the 26 January in la Ciotat (13), the 1st of February in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges

15 January: launch of the tour of Négresses vertes in Blagnac and 21 dates, including the Olympia on the 1st of February

17 January: Hyphen Hyphen at Hérouville Saint-Clair then 16 dates, until at the Zenith in Paris on June 14

17 January: Juliet in Dinan (22), and 27 dates including the salle Pleyel on 3 April. End in Lyon, france on may 18,

17 January: Julien Clerc at Macon, and then on the 18th of January in Riorges, January 19, at Chambery, and on July 8, Villars-les-Dombes

January 18: Daniel Guichard at Tours and tour of 32 dates

January 19: Stephan Eicher at Sebastopol in Lille and on tour, including the Grand Rex February 2,

19 January: Roch Voisine at the Casino Partouche St Amand les Flots and then tour the Grand Rex on February 15,

January 21: Kery James , rap conscious at Mérignac. 4 dates Bercy December 2,

January 22: Pascal Obispo launches its tour in France, Grande Synthe (59) and 72 times as the Salle Pleyel on 12 and 13 February, and then the Zenith on November 22 and 23

January 24: Birkin/Gainsbourg in Rueil Malmaison on tour until 13 march at Perpignan

24 January: Yelle at Lyon and then 5 dates, including the Paris on the 23rd of may

January 24: Miossec launches its tour of 33 dates in Dijon, france. In Paris at Pleyel on 21 march. End to Sauveterre de Rouairgue (12), may 18

January 24: Angela launches its tour of 42 dates in Strasbourg. In addition to the two Olympia (march 12 and 13), it will be five times the Zenith in Paris: on 5 and 7 June, 29 and 30 November, 1 December

25 January: Kimberose, the new diva of soul will be at Serignan (34) then 24 dates, including The Olympia on the 7th February

25 January: 80 start in Longjumeau (91) a tour of 12 dates which will end on may 18 at Dammarie les Lys (77)

25 January: Roch Voisine launches its tour of 24 dates to Peronne (80). Passage in paris at the Grand Rex on February 15. End to Montélimar, November 25

25 January: Anna Calvi at Nancy, 10 dates, including the salle Pleyel, January 30. End in Geneva on 13 February

January 26-27: Greg Zlap , harmonica player favorite of Johnny Hallyday at the Grand Rex soloist Vladimir Cosma and solo tour on may 10 in Massy (91), 18 may to Amneville (57), in the Vosges mountains Motorcycle festival in St Dié (88), June 15, at the Jazz&Blues Festival Léognan (33)

26 January: Eddy de Pretto on tour to Caluire and Cook (69) and then 25 dates up to Albi, on July 6.

27 January: Kids United to Lille. Tour of 29 dates until 16 June at Rennes

January 31: rapper SCH is at the Olympia and then 8 dates until march 9, Nancy

January 31: Disiz the Plague at Montpellier. 17 dates up to the Zenith of Paris, on April 20,


February 2: Razorlight at the Bataclan (date unique en France)

3 February: the metalheads Swedish Ghost at the Hall Garnier, Lyon, 7 February at the Zenith in Paris and on may 12, in the first part of Metallica at the Stade de France

3, 5, 6, 12, and 13 February: Joan Baez moved to the Olympia. Strasbourg, 15 February and 13 July in St Julien en Genevois, and finally on 15 July in Carcassonne

February 8: Yarol Poupaud, the guitarist and musical director for Johnny Hallyday will be in Bordeaux and then 14 dates in which the Maroquinerie in Paris on march 20,

February 8: M launches a tour consequent of 72 dates at the Cirque d’hiver Bouglione from 8 to 22 February in Paris. End with two paris-Bercy, on 18 and 19 December

February 12: Patrick Bruel to Epernay and then a great tour including the Palace of Sports from 20-23 February. 82 dates until December 18, at the Zénith of Clermont-Ferrand

February 14: I Muvrini to Strasbourg and then 28 dates to which the February 27, at the Casino de Paris. End April 14 in Gap

15 February: Jeanne Added. in Le Garric (81) then 19 dates up to St Nazaire on the 27th of July

15 February: Touré Kunda at Genevilliers (92) and 9 dates up to la Cigale on November 15,

February 21: Tears for Fears at Bercy and then on June 26, in Amneville (57), June 30, at Tilloloy (80), 7 July Festival Beauregard (14), the 17 July in Nimes and 19 July in Carhaix (29)


march 1: Kendji Girac to Orleans, and then 34 dates with Bercy, in the end, the November 30,

March 1: Jain launches its tour in Amiens and 31 dates, including march 20 and 21 at the Zenith in Paris. End, August 10, at Landerneau (29)

march 1: Christophe Willem to Aurillac, 11 dates until march 30, at Biscarosse (40)

march 2: Hugues Aufray in Bergerac (24) and 12 dates with the end of the 25 may to Wousviller (57)

march 5: Maitre Gims takes his tour to Rouen and then the 33 dates up at the Stade de France, September 28

march 7: Soprano spear Amiens his tour of 57 dates, including the U Arena in Paris on 21 September. Last concert in Brest on the 22nd December

march 7: Zaz will be in Strasbourg to launch a tour of 17 dates in large rooms. Stop at Paris, 22 march at Bercy. End to Bayonne on 15 may

march 7: Shaka Ponk resumed his “The Monkadelic Tour” Zenith de Nantes then 19 dates up to Carcassonne on 25 July

7 march: the rapper american Nicki Minaj will be in Bercy and then on 9 march in Bordeaux

march 8: Jenifer launches its tour in Ajaccio. 24 dates, of which the Seine Musical on may 18. End on July 22, Brive la Gaillarde (19)

march 9: Bigflo and Oli at the Meeting, may 25, in Toulouse. A tour that will stop on October 26 in the U Arena

11-12 march : Yann Tiersen at the Salle Pleyel

March 12, : Popa Chuby of Poitiers, march 13, in the town of Annemasse and the 31st of march at le Bataclan

march 14, : Charlelie Couture in Audincourt (25). Tour that passes by the Trianon on April 12, to finish at Avignon June 15,

march 15: Vitaa in Epinay sous Senart (91), and then 6 dates up to Namur (Belgium ) on 22 June

march 16: rapper Rim’k at Alencon (61), march 23, at Ris Orangis

16 march: Nolwenn Leroy at Chateaudun, 12 dates, including the Trianon in Paris (26 and 27 march). End on 2 July to Trelaze (49)

16 march: Michel Fugain at Thiers (63). 13 dates until June 12 to Chazey sur Ain (01)

16 march: Robert Charlebois at Lagny-sur-Marne(77) then 6 dates up to Courbevoie, 2 April

19 march: the latin lover Eros Ramazzotti at Lyon, 28 march at Bercy, 7 April in Marseille, July 13, at Bastia, July 29, at Colmar , July 31 at Carcassonne

19 march: Alain Chamfort at la Cigale and then 8 dates up to may 24, to Drusenheim (67)

march 20: The Swedish Lisa Ekdahl in Thionville (57), 7 races including Olympia on the 26th of march until the 29th of march in Bordeaux

march 22: Romeo Elvis at Nîmes and 13 dates up to 15 November in Geneva

march 22: MHD launches its tour in Lyon. Ten dates including Bercy on march 29,

march 24: single date in France of Florence And The Machine Bercy

march 28: Cœur de Pirate in Talant (21), 9 dates, including the salle Pleyel on march 30. End April 13 at Denain (59)

march 29: Michel Jonasz in Chateauneuf sur Isère, and then tour passing by the 25 April at the Palais des Sports and ends on 15 December at the Palais des Congrès de Tours

march 30: Elmer Food Beat Cergy (95) and then 12 dates until the 13th of December at la Cigale

march 31: Lou Doillon to Lille and then 12 dates with the finals at the Olympia on may 16,


April 2: Rufus Wainwright to Arras. April 4, at Merignac airport, and 5 April at the Olympia

April 3: Véronique Sanson goes on stage to Tours and then tour for ten dates, including the Palais des Sports (24 and 26 march). End may 16 at Roubaix

5 April: Francis Cabrel in Dammarie-les-Lys, and then on 6 April in Blanc-Mesnil, the 12th of April in Aix-les-Bains, the 13 to Montelimar, the 14 to La Grande Motte

April 6: Youssou Ndour Olympia

11-12-13 April: Bob Dylan at the Grand Rex

April 18: Zazie in Bourges (18) 55 dates to Nantes on April 24, 2020


may 2: Rita Ora at the Bataclan (date unique en France)

may 6: The beginning of the tour of Mark Knopfler , the guitarist and singer of dire Straits at Bordeaux. may 7, at Toulouse, on the 12th of may in Strasbourg, on 17 June at Bercy, June 19, at Lyons, July 14, in St Julien En Genevois, on the 14th of July in Nîmes

may 6: Tokio Hote l to Ramonville-saint-agne (31) and the Olympia on may 12, and Lyon, may 13

may 10: Brigitte at Deauville and then 14 dates 25-29 June at the Casino de Paris . End on July 12 in Villars The Dombes (01)

may 11: Kassav at the U Arena and then July 21 to Brive la Gaillarde

May 12: Metallica at the Stade de France with the first metal Swedish Ghost

may 15-16 : Vanessa Paradis in Marseille and 23 dates, including the Olympia from 22 June to 1 July. The end of the 5 July in Monaco

may 16: Lenny Kravitz at Lyon before attacking, Nice, may 17, Toulouse on 19 may, Nantes in may, and Bercy, 5 June

may 19: a single date in France for the Backstreet Boys . this will be at Bercy

may 20: Bonnie Tyler Olympia

may 21: Dido Olympia

may 22: Hugh Jackman Bercy

24th-25th-26th may: Ed Sheeran at Lyon, then Bordeaux on the 29th of may

may 24: Salvatore Adamo Mulhouse (68) and the 30 November to Pleyel


1 June: launch of the tour of Amel Bent Forges-les-Eaux and then 14 dates, including the Grand Rex on June 26. End of the tour on 11 October in Cork

June 7: the great return of Mylène Farmer on stage at the U-Arena, until 19 June

June 8: rapper Jul launches its tour in Bordeaux. 9 dates Bercy on November 13,

11 June: a single date in France for Maroon 5 . This will be at Bercy

June 13: Chris tine and the Queens) in Reims, on June 28, Marmande, 5 July in Arras, france, 7 July in Belfort, July 11, La Rochelle, 12 July Aix-les-Bains, 16 July in Carcassonne, July 21, at Carhaix (29)

June 18: Sir Elton John launches its farewell tour in France in Lille and then paris Bercy, June 20, June 22, at Bordeaux, the 23rd of June in Nîmes on 10 October in paris-Bercy

June 21: ZZ Top to the Seine Music, and then on June 22 at the Hellfest in CLisson (44), 23 June at St Vulbas, (01), July 4, Nimes, on July 6, in Arges-sur-mer (66), July 8, Nancy

June 22: Kiss at the Hellfest in Clisson (44)

June 25: The Jacksons at the Palais des sports (single date in France)

June 25: rapper lover Dadju at Saint-Vulbas (01), 27 June to Mautauban, June 29, at St Dizier, July 6, at Montélimar, July 27, to Sollies Pont, ….A tour that will end on the 29th November at Bercy

June 27: Midnight Oil at the Grand Rex and the 11 July at the stade de Saint Julien en Genevois

June 27: The Beach Boys at the Olympia and then in Monaco on July 13,

June 28: Ben Harper in Marmande (47), on June 29 at Ruoms (47), July 4th at Albi, 6 July to Beauregard, July 7, at Arras, July 20th in Carhaix (29)

June 30: Bernard Lavilliers at Montauban, July 10, Villars-les-Dombes, on the 19th of July in Boulogne-sur-Mer, on the 22nd of July in Carcassonne, the 28, in Saint-Nazaire and on the 25th of August, in Charleville-Mézières


July 3: Pink at the U Arena in paris

3-4 July: Diana Krall at the Olympia, July 19 at Juan-les-Pins

July 4: ZZ Top to Nîmes, July 8, Nancy

July 5: Scorpions at Tours, Albi on 7 July, 14 July Aix-les-Bains, 16 July in Saint-Malo du Bois

5-6 July: Muse at the Stade de France and Marseille on the 9th, Bordeaux le 16

July 6: a single date for Rod Stewart in France, it will be at Bercy

July 17: UB40 at Nîmes and 27 July in Sélestat (67), 18 October, Clermond-Ferrand (63)

July 20: David Guetta to Carhaix (29), November 27, Lyon, 28 November paris-Bercy

July 26: Sting in Carcassonne, July 27, Vitrolles (13), 1 August in Colmar


August 16, : Patti Smith in Luxey (40), Marseille, france on August 19, Nice the 20, Lyon the 21, Charleville Mezieres, the 24, and to finish off the Olympia on August 26,

23 August: The Cure Rock en Seine

on 27 and 28 August: Ariana Grande Bercy


October 4: Jean-Baptiste Guegan sings Johnny tour of the Highest, which starts in Grenoble and ends in 2020

October 5: M Pokora launches its Pyramid Tower in Strasbourg. 31 dates until 20 December in Lille. Passage to Paris on the 26th of November at Bercy

12 October: Frederick Francis at the Grand Rex

17 October: Manu Dibango at the Grand Rex

22 – 26octobre: Vincent Delerm à la Cigale


November 8: Camelia Jordana will launch a series of concerts in Nîmes, france until 30 November to Toulouse

November 9: Saez to Brest, and then 18 dates Bercy on December 3

November 27: The Stranglers Olympia


18 December: Marc Lavoine Pleyel

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