The former lead singer of Supertramp Roger Hodgson will be decorated Tuesday, June 4, the insignia of knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. He will receive the reward of the hand of the minister of Culture, Franck Riester, on the occasion of the coming of the British in Paris for a series of concerts at The Olympia. It will be received in the salon of the Marshals of the ministry at noon. Once the ceremony was completed, the minister will attend the last concert of Roger Hodgson in this paris session, and can dance on his seat on School , Give a Little Bit or Fool’s Overture .

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Roger Hodgson evolves in solo since 1983 and his departure from the legendary pop group, progressive rock band Supertramp. With Rick Davies, he was the creative heart of the band. He is the author of many of the most successful of the group, as The Logical Song , Breakfast in America , Dreamer and It’s Raining Again .

School of Supertramp, composed and sung by Roger Hodgson, at the opening of the album Crime of the Century 1974:

For Roger Hodgson, France is a place of inescapable passage, and it occurs with his band almost every year at The Olympia. In 1979, the album Breakfast in America of Supertramp has become the most sold of the history in France, before being overtaken in 1994 by Saturday night on Earth by Francis Cabrel, then by Them of Celine Dion. It is still the album non-French-speaking (and the third album, any class confused) the most sold in France, with more than 3.2 million copies sold.