The images of the explosion of violence, had made the rounds of the web. On April 21, 2014, Rohff and eight other people come into the boutique Unkut, the mark of his rival Booba. When a man helmeted pops up in the shop, Rohff sends a first punch to a seller before you beat her up. His cronies steal from the cash register on the front of a second employee. The attackers fled, but the two victims come out with a fracture of the skull and thirty days of interruption of work for the one, five days for the other.

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the decision of The court of appeal has confirmed, this Thursday, 6 June, the sentence of five years in prison for violence worsened, and ordered his incarceration immediately. Arrived cap on the head and blue jacket on the shoulders, the rapper 41-year-old, whose real name is Housni Mkouboi, is back in handcuffs, flanked by gendarmes.

A “show of force”

The interpreter Which is the example? had been sentenced to the same sentence in the first instance, in October 2017, but had not been arrested. He had argued that he had entered without premeditation in the shop of his sworn enemy, followed by young fans who recognized him in the street. The judges had not believed her explanation, and had denounced a “group action premeditated of great violence, without other mobile established that a demonstration of force” in the context of a “rivalry” between rappers.

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This episode had marked the zenith of the “clashes” repeated between Rohff and his rival Booba, engaged in a competition-based provocations by clips or social networks interposed, albums or mocking to make the “buzz”. A rivalry exacerbated by their respective public.

Booba is illustrated since in another “clash”: a brawl in a full-Orly airport, in August 2018, with his rival Kaaris. Both were sentenced to 18 month suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine. The criminal record of Rohff already has several convictions, including one for assault with a weapon.