This is one of the consequences of the movement #MeToo. In the wake of charges of sexual assault, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen have made it increasingly difficult to find distributors to project their films in cinemas in the United States. The director of To Rome With Love has just completed his latest feature film, A Rainy Day in New York, with a dream cast (Elle Fanning, Timothy Chalamet, or Séléna Gomez).

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in Spite of this, for the moment, Woody Allen has earned the trust of very few distributors with the image of Lucky Red, Italy, which plans to release the film on October 3. Only a few weeks after the Venice film Festival to which, according to rumors, the project is expected to contribute. In France, it’s March Movie will release in theatres.

Let all

Let go of all, even Amazon, with which he has yet signed a contract for four films, Woody Allen has released its page on Facebook a first trailer of his feature film, which would be intended to be out on the platforms of video on demand american rather than in the dining room. “I don’t know who would want to live with these controversies, and having to constantly justify himself for his involvement in one of these projects,” says a staff of the industry of cinema in Vanity Fair . Who would want to waste his time with this?”.

For his part, Roman Polanski has not fared better. The film-maker franco-Polish should come out on the 13th of November, under the banner of Gaumont, j’accuse , conducted by Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel and Emmanuel Seigner and adapted from D. , by Robert Harris. Except that the producer would not find place for his film atlantic. Howard Cohen, president of Roadside Attractions, entrusted to our colleagues of Vanity Fair “think about it”. “These people go out movies for years. Today we look at a different eye (…) We need to look deep inside ourselves and find out if it is the best thing to do. That lead to the release of this film? This is a question that I ask myself and which I have not yet responded.”

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For the record, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are both involved in cases of sexual assault. The film-maker franco-Polish is accused of raping a 13-year old girl in 1977. He has long denied the facts before pleading guilty to a sexual relationship illegal with a minor. Slash Film reminds us, moreover, that when the director learned that the american justice had planned to send it to fifty years in prison for his crime, he escaped to France and Switzerland, where he can live free.

For his part, Woody Allen is accused of having committed touching his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, in the early 1990s. “As far as I can remember, my father made me things that I didn’t, said the young woman in 2014, in New York Times . These things happened so often, so regularly and so well hidden from my mother, that I would be protected if she had known, that I thought it was normal.” If the american justice has decided not to criminalise the filmmaker after the investigation, the revelations of the movement #MeToo, in the wake of the case, Weinstein, have made a resurgence of this controversy that the brother of Dylan Farrow, which has been provided on the front of the stage. It assures believing her sister’s word for it and believes that his father has “distorted the judicial process” to avoid being accused.