A year after having been struck off the Academy of the Oscars, Roman Polanski only digests still not the sanction. So the filmmaker has decided to sue the organization, reports Deadline . According to Harland Braun, the lawyer for the director of Chinatown , it would have been put away “without mercy” by the american Academy of arts and sciences of the cinema. By not allowing the opportunity to meet the filmmaker, “the academy has acted in disagreement with its own rules and its policy,” he said.

“The process of exclusion of Mr. Polanski was fair and reasonable, says a spokesperson of the organization which annually awards the precious statuettes, indicating that it maintained its position.

an Outcast of the world of the seventh art, the filmmaker had been excluded in the past year, at the same time that Bill Cosby and a few months after Harvey Weinstein in the wake of the movement #MeToo. In question, his conviction in 1977 for having sex with a minor 13 years of age, but also to accusations of sexual assault, the most recent of four women.

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Sought by the organization, Emmanuelle Seigner, the filmmaker’s wife, had refused to join the ranks of the academy in the past year, citing an “unbearable hypocrisy”.

Under the pressure of the association Dare feminism, the director of Rosemary’s Baby had had to give up the presidency of Caesar in 2017. A retrospective of his work was held in an atmosphere heated at the end of that same year.