We did not wait for the years 2000 to engage in the romance genres. Virginia Woolf in signing a masterful, both fantastic and eminently pleasant, with Orlando , a gentleman who falls into a long sleep from which he wakes up having changed sex. François Chaignaud inspired by the character for Romances inciertos .

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They draw from the folklore Spanish. On stage, “the Girl warrior”, a party to the war under the guise of a man, is succeeded by the figure of San Miguel and “la Tarara”, andalusian Gypsy that love has devastated and lost between mysticism and seduction.

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François Chaignaud personifies all of these characters. He dances and he sings, multiplying the risks and leaving the viewer banned by so many exploits. All the more what an excellent performer it takes the public to witness his possible fall. He’s dancing on stilts, on the peak or to book a zapateado nonsense on stilettos.

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The metamorphoses are worn by costumes (embroidered shawls, bata coda, false eyelashes jet black) with a refined beauty. They accompany a musical research, framed by Nino Laisné and conducted by four soloists theorbo, baroque guitar, bandoneón, viola da gamba and percussion instruments that interpret the directory related to these characters.

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Chaignaud being mixed, as a singer, controlling his breath, yet without sparing himself in the dance. The characters seem to spring out of itself, without the artist does contrefasse. Spell a huge dancer who seems to know no limits.

Romances inciertos, another Orlando

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