Romania is preparing to formally recognize Russia as a hostile state

Romanian authorities consider Russia a threat for the black sea region and going to recognize her as a hostile state. This is stated in the draft national defence strategy of Romania for the years 2020-2024, aging leads to RBC with reference to “Radio Liberty”.

In the document, Russia referred to in the section “Threats”. The text noted that “the aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation in the black sea region aimed “to maintain a busy climate in the area, close to Romania”, which forces the country to seek a means of deterrence and protection.

the Project has already been approved by the Supreme Council of national defense, headed by the President Klaus Iohannis. According to him, the principles of foreign and security policy of Romania approved a strategic partnership with the United States, membership in NATO and the European Union. According to him, “this is a global paradigm shift, which takes into account developments in the region, the deterioration of relations between NATO and Russia.”

the Document submitted for approval to the Parliament.

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