“A man clumsy”, it is as well that qualifies Roméo Elvis in a long mea culpa posted on Instagram in which he looks back on a controversial old one.

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In fact, several years ago, the singer had used the terms “PD” and “nigga”, which had earned him many critics. In a freestyle of 2017 on the radio Skyrock, he sang “It plays a little on the words. The songs of queer in the ears to put me in my element”. Before continuing: “You have stopped on the queer, would you like me to say homo, but I’ve heard of fags calling fags with the word queer without that it offends people… It’s like the thing with nigga, then I’ve got friends nigga and fags who like to be called like that”.

At the time, the controversy had swollen on the social networks and in particular Twitter, some calling Romeo Elvis homophobia or racism without the singer decides to intervene. A few days ago, on 3 July, during the Festival Garorock in Marmande, the singer has reiterated its about, between provocation and attempt at justification: “That’s what put of the statutes of fags? I got lynched on social networks to a single sentence. I have nothing to jerk off, I’m here in front of you, I’m happy. We are all together.”

An attempt to excuse a little awkward

On 18 July, he clarifies his point of view in a long post, Instagram. He explains that during this improvisation in the show Planet Rap , he was not aware of the scope of his words. And above all, he regrets not to be excused earlier: “This thing weigh myself for too long. […] I never wanted to claim the right to use words that do not belong to me. No, I have never called a black person ‘nigga’ or a ‘ homo ‘PD’, that is clear. That day, I made the mistake of thinking that it was obvious to all the world, that my voice had no weight, that would be anecdotal… I regret bitterly to have created the confusion, I even have trouble believing it.”

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The brother of the pop star Angela continues: “I am aware that my voice is today and I want to spread a positive message, encouraging people to be or to become what they are and not to create controversy. (…) Today, I want this to be clear: I am the enemy of racism, homophobia, and intolerance, as any sensible person on this damn planet.”

But her message has not convinced everyone. If on Instagram many of his fans have appreciated his gesture, thanking, in particular, to be excused, others do décolèrent not. Many accuse him of lacking sincerity in her words: “it took him two years and he still does it to save his image.” This does not prevent the artist to experience a large success with her last album is already double gold disc, Chocolate , for which he is on tour until the end of November.