Roscosmos did not understand

Roscosmos saw nothing supernatural in that of the American manned launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon was successful. This follows from the fact that he wrote on Twitter the official representative of state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko.

according to Ustimenko, something happened that would happen.

Hysteria raised after the successful launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon, not very clear. Something happened that had to happen for a long time. Now not only Russian, will fly to the ISS, but the Americans. Well and good!


— Vladimir Ustimenko (@VladimirUstime1) May 31, 2020

Besides, in his opinion, the situation when the delivery of astronauts to the space station engaged in a single country is not quite correct, because in space, anything can happen. “We need to have a minimum of two transport systems, able to ensure the presence of crews from different countries on Board the ISS,” — said the representative of Roscosmos. He also said that this year Russia will experience two new rockets, next will resume the Lunar program. “It will be interesting,” poobedal Ustimenko.

However, not everyone shared the position of the representative of Roscosmos. And ask questions about how it will continue to develop the rivalry space powers.

the United States, represented by Blue Origin and Space X are working on cheaper launches on order (due to persistent levels). As my homeland will keep your place space without a retaliatory attack?

— Ivan Fedorov (@spacegangster) May 31, 2020

I Want to marvel at the managerial genius and a team of talented engineers @SpaceX and wish them good luck in everything. Now I know for sure which country will be first on Mars it will not be Russia. Because belief in dreams and perseverance always win corruption and fraud.

— Archibald Joseph (@byzantyum) May 31, 2020

Oh, you something, of course, succeed: your chief, Rogozin, has pozuboskalit about the trampoline Russian very narrow audience, and today with this trampoline disgraced the whole world where there is Internet, TV and printed press. Well done! So really not everyone will be able! Congratulations!

— Maximus (@Maximus66978293) May 31, 2020

meanwhile, other Twitter users felt the joy of the Americans is misplaced.

it looks Like major victory’s Mask — it’s the return of the joke about the trampoline (even their own could not think of). And this is understandable, space exploration Russia is a routine. And in the US — Yes, even happy. This is the large step for the nation.
the first fact about the moon quietly keep quiet. Even designs had to lose.

Elena cotta 🇷🇺 (@elenkott) May 31, 2020

the First man in Space could only be a once and for all, and it was and is Russian Gagarin.

— Alexander Frolov (@5929Fan) May 31, 2020

Recall that the American spacecraft Crew Dragon Corporation SpaceX with two NASA astronauts aboard, launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, successfully docked to the International space station. On okolozemnoi orbit, the ship launched the Falcon 9 rocket. This is the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon. The launch of the USA back in the program protirodh flights into space after nine-year hiatus.

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