Roscosmos: the MOE transferred 1.5 million sq. km foreign shooting incident in Norilsk

EMERCOM of the Russian Federation received from foreign governments 1.5 million square kilometers of the filming of the spilled diesel fuel in Norilsk. About it reports the Russian space Agency.

the Corporation recalls that June 4 was activated the international Charter “Space and major disasters” to monitor the spill of diesel fuel in Norilsk by the foreign companions of the members of the Charter. The monitoring was attended by 14 satellites from Latin America, Europe, Asia. As of 10 June MOE was transferred to foreign data of remote sensing of the Earth, including the archive. The total volume of about 1.5 million square kilometers (75 survey routes).

the situation in Norilsk observe and Russian satellites of earth remote sensing. In the EMERCOM of Russia handed over to the Russian data volume of more than 88 thousand square kilometers.

Recall that one of the tanks storing diesel fuel at TPP-3 Norilsk may 29 was damaged, leakage of about 21 thousand tons of fuel. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level.

In fact, the fuel spill was a criminal case under article “damage of land”, “violation of rules of protection of the environment by manufacture of works” and “water pollution”. In connection with untimely informing about the emergency situation of the RF IC opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code (negligence).

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