It was a morning like any other in Dublin. A child is slow in dressing, another forgets his teddy in the bathroom under the accusing eyes of the parents… The Davis would be a family like the other if the home they were leaving was not a hotel fortune found for a night, and which we must each morning clear the room, filling garbage bags black of their small business. For their children of 13, 8, 6 and 4 years old, life continues even if their sudden sadness begins to arouse suspicion.

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To the street for the past two weeks, it is in the confined space of a family car that happens most of the scenes. A space there in which the mother, Rosie, took refuge for several hours per day while the largest are at school. I barely have the time to take the long list of hotels that cater to families in difficulty using a prepaid card issued by the city council. Always the same phrases: “I am looking for a family room. A few nights would be great.” Sarah Greene plays a force stoic mother who fights for her family by saving the children (brilliantly directed) and spectators of the scenes tearful. Former documentary-maker natural history, Paddy Breathnach walking in the footsteps of Ken Loach filming the Davis close, camera on the shoulder more often, as an endangered species expansion. Rosie Davis could be in any european city. But the author of the scenario is none other than Roddy Doyle, who must be The Trilogy of Barrytown ( The Commitments , The Snapper , The Van ), dubliner until the end of the nail.

Rosie Davis, a Dublin family story social Drama of Paddy Breathnach.
with: Sarah Greene, Moe Dunford…
duration: 1: 26.