Grzegorz Rosinski page turns Thorgal. The illustrator, who created the series in 1976 with Jean Van Hamme in the scenario, just make the last episode of a saga which has sold almost fifteen million copies. Scripted by Yann, this 36th pane baptized Aniel seals the reunion of Thorgal with his family.

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In The Fire scarlet , the previous album, Aniel, the son of Thorgal and Kriss of Valnor, has been kidnapped by the other red wizards. The heroes watch helplessly to the spell that will transform his son as a religious leader, fanatical, and cruel. In this 36th episode, Thorgal, after a long search, managed to find his son and plans to find the rest of his family in the land of the vikings. Another perilous journey in perspective.

Born in the edition of the belgian newspaper Tintin , in 1977, this cult series is the result of a unique collaboration between a screenwriter belgian promised to a great future, Jean Van Hamme ( XIII, Largo Winch ) and an illustrator, then living behind the iron Curtain, Grzegorz Rosinski.

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Rosinski draws thorgal – Watching on Figaro Live

The screenwriter belgian teintera then the universe scandinavian area around the year one thousand a touch of fantasy. Thorgal is the last descendant of the star people, address to the Gods, and his children are endowed with supernatural powers. A small genus current at the time.

The draughtsman, born in Stalowa Wola in the south-east of Poland, has defied the instability and the censorship of his native country, and did not hesitate to emigrate to Belgium, leaving his family to continue to work on Thorgal . But the fans shouldn’t be afraid, the child of the stars no kiss not the destiny of Tintin, his creator, Hergé did not want to have new adventures after his disappearance. Grzegorz Rosinski has dubbed his successor, in the person of Fred Vignaux, who has already exercised the hands on series-parallel, The Worlds of Thorgal.

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LE FIGARO. – How did you approach this album?

Grzegorz ROSINSKI. – I had a lot of ideas on this album, that I haven’t been able to all realize. Side scenario, the intervention of several writers, each with his desires and his own universe, it was quite hard. I remembered then the wonderful period where Jean Van hamme and I were the only masters on board on the series. Even if with Yann, everything went very well…

What do you think of the final result?

At first, I was not quite satisfied. But when they told me that the album was beautiful, I told myself that in the end it wasn’t so bad.

In this 36th edition, Thorgal regains his own after many years? It is part of the odyssey homeric…

Yes, it reminds a little the return of Odysseus to Ithaca. But Thorgal is not Ulysses. It does what it was created. Thorgal Aegirsson, a name which means “son of the storm and the sea” in the language of the “great barbarian white” was created by Jean and me to embark on a quest. His goal has always been to defend the weak, and in this instance his family, Aniel, Jolan, Aaricia and Louve. And then Aaricia is not as faithful as Penelope….

“When I draw I put myself in the skin of the characters, the movement, of animals, because I want to be credible. My appreciation of the creator is to give life to what does not exist”

Grzegorz Rosinski

How to Thorgal has he changed in 40 years?

It ages. But mostly the style has changed a lot. What guides me is the change, the willingness to always learn something of my own work. The creator is the one who creates and is constantly seeking novelty, to work on a different material or use a new tool. I explore other universes for me to exercise other forms of expression. For me, it is not necessary to be a prisoner of a paw graphic recognizable between all. I am not able to repeat the same style because I’m always influenced by a time and a state of mind of individuals. When I draw I put myself in the skin of the characters, the movement, of animals, because I want to be credible. My appreciation of the creator is to give life to that which does not exist. I rarely work from photos, for example.

How was this series?

By chance. To be able to make the comic in a capitalist country while I still lived in Poland, I had to avoid contemporary topics. Jean Van Hamme and I have eliminated everything that could cause harm to our collaboration. I autocensurais a lot to avoid problems. The fantasy was our playground. It was necessary to reconcile the height of the cold war, communist countries and capitalist. Thanks to Thorgal, we have done an impossible thing, to be able to publish a COMIC capitalist… in Poland.

Thorgal will he miss you?

“I started in The “Journal de Tintin”, the journal of young people from 7 to 77 years old. Now that I have reached myself, 77 years of age, it is time to pass the torch”

Grzegorz Rosinski

No, what I realize is still behind me. It is no longer mine. It belongs to the public now. Now, I’m focusing on what I haven’t done it yet. I am looking to work with writers more “underground”, for example. I started in The Journal of Tintin , the journal of young people from 7 to 77 years old. Now that I have reached myself, 77 years of age, it is time to pass the torch. I have the chance to prepare for the future and work with the designer who will take over the series, Fred Vignaux. I’m not giving up totally Thorgal, you know, I have lots of ideas to flesh out his universe, in particular, through the illustration. I imagine an exhibition where the public could touch the works, to be in contact with the material. Me it does not bother me as you touch my drawings. I have always been someone to touch. When I draw, I become a comedian. I feel all of my characters. I am a team movie to me alone. I put my cameras where I like it and I interpret in turn the animals, the sea, the sky and even the femmes…

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