Roskomnadzor did not punish Krasnoyarsk television station for the movie, retired from

the Yenisei Directorate of Roskomnadzor has refused the claims to the TV channel TVK by law on the distribution of “fake” news (part 9 of article 13.15 of the administrative code). As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the lawyer “Agora” Vladimir Vasin, a Protocol was drawn up.

“We were summoned to the drafting of the Protocol. June 3 we came and presented its position on several pages. Roskomnadzor audited, reviewed and accept the legal decision. Today we received a letter stating that the Protocol be drawn up will not be”, — said Vladimir Vasin.

Recall that March 20 TVK posted a humorous news that the “Russian pensioner accused trump of a pandemic coronavirus” and posted a video of the “Troops Putin,” in which an elderly patriot in denial about the pandemic. According to prosecutors, the report was considered an indication of a violation of article of the administrative code of the Russian Federation “Abuse of freedom of mass information”.

TCE collected explanations from regular viewers and experts to prove that the publication most saw only humorous overtones.

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