Roskomnadzor has unlocked the Telegram

Roskomnadzor removes the requirements for restricting access to Telegram. This is stated in the statement of the Supervisory authority.

the statement also says that messenger unlocked “in coordination with the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation”. Roskomnadzor “appreciates” the willingness of the founder of Telegram “to counter terrorism and extremism”.

“Ready to work with all Internet companies operating in the country, to promptly prevent the spread of terrorist and extremist information, child pornography, propaganda of suicide and drugs”, — said in a statement.

in the state Duma was introduced a bill to ban the blocking of information resources and unlock the messenger Telegram. The authors explained that with the introduction of high alert or emergency information resources shall inform, and are the main sources of information about the current situation for public authorities and officials.

In early June, the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov said that unlocking Telegram in Russia would allow users to more comfortably use this service. According to him, the Telegram lock was justified by the fight against terrorism, but since that time, the messenger system was improved detection and blocking of extremist content.

Recall, Telegram in Russia was blocked in the spring of 2018. The occasion was the failure of the Telegram, the requirements of the FSB to provide the keys to decrypt user messages.

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