Roskoshestvo called 10 toxic products that are in every kitchen

Experts Roskoshestvo told what danger lies in the harmless fruits and vegetables that are in almost every kitchen. The Ministry said that the products contain toxins that plants need, so they have time to reach maturity and they do not eat insects or other parasites. The quantity of poisons depends on the maturity, processing methods and consumption volumes.

In the first place in the list of dangerous products turned out to be potatoes. The root with green “barrels” contains solanine: a plant glycoalkaloid, it is produced in the light and gives the skin a green color. The use of such potatoes may cause severe poisoning, vomiting and even hallucinations.

Experts said that all the colored education should be cut, but if the greens have covered more than half of the tuber, it is best to throw it away.

“During heat treatment solanine is completely destroyed only at temperatures above 250°C, that is, in the normal course of cooking or frying it still remains in some quantity in the final product,” — said the Agency.

there is also a Solanine in green tomatoes, stalks, leaves and stems of tomatoes.

Experts have warned of the dangers posed by fungi. “Even edible mushrooms may pose a threat of poisoning if it is old and worm-eaten. Overripe mushrooms are formed toxic substances, decomposition products of proteins that can provoke poisoning,” — said in Roccacasale.

In the bones of cherry and apricot, according to experts, contains cyanide, and in the seeds of Apple hydrocyanic acid, so in any case impossible to swallow.

The nutmeg nut is a psychoactive substance myristicin, but it is, according to the experts, does not cause much harm.

Also, the office I do not advise to abuse the radish, because it is a poisonous substance glycoside. It can cause pain in the liver or dizziness.

In SPISOC threat products also got apples, containing hydrocyanic acid, and beans, which contain phytohemagglutinin, which increases the permeability of cell membranes, with the result that there can penetrate the harmful substances and even poisons.

Earlier, experts told anyone with care costs have parsley and radishes, and also revealed the secret superoriginal greenhouses.

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