Roskoshestvo: One of the safe products turned out to be vodka

Experts Roskoshestvo compiled all the data, researching quality of food and drinks, and came to the conclusion that one of the safe products is vodka. This was reported on the website of the organization.

the safest categories of products were vodka and vegetable oil. The most insecure — pork skewers, glazed cheese and cognac.

In each product category is its danger. In particular, sour cream and strawberry yogurt are the safest dairy products. The most unsafe — the cheese and butter 82,5% fat content.

Among grains, the most secure, you can take the buckwheat.

Caviar is the most unsafe product is in the category “Fish and seafood”.

the Most unsafe meat products can be considered as dumplings, pork skewers and beef Home. The safe — broiler-chickens.

From the grocery Department safe drying and salt.

In each category was counted quantity of goods cleared and goods with the rating of 4.5 points or above. In the grocery category was calculated and the percentage of safe deliveries of the total number of studied brands. The higher the percentage, the safer category. Among threat: the higher the percentage, the more dangerous category.

the percentage shows the number of items with a rating above 4.5 points (for safe)/cleared products (for dangerous) of the total number of items in a category.

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