Roskoshestvo warned about the dangers of cheeses

Bought with it fresh milk, and meat and cheese from the supermarket can be hazardous to health, warns Roskoshestvo. Such products can be dangerous bacteria, for example, E. coli, Salmonella or Brucella.

Experts explain that slicer that cuts in the production of cheese and meat products not sterilized after each use. This means that if the bacteria were infected with a single product, then the bacteria can get into all the other products, passes through the slicer.

the Group of coliform bacteria found in raw vegetables, fruits and greens, meat and meat products, dairy products. To get rid of it by heat treatment products. Escherichia coli are killed in 15 minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees.

One of the most resistant bacteria is Salmonella. It is even in frozen form can “live” up to one year and even multiply. Salmonella are killed when heated to 56 degrees 45-60 minutes, to 70 degrees — 5-10 minutes, and while boiling — at once.

the Brucella, which are found in milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, koumiss and meat, killed an hour at 55 degrees, 10 minutes at 70 degrees, while boiling — in a few seconds.

Meat, experts say, you need to fry or boil to avoid infection campylobacteria. Raw or poorly salted fish is fraught with the ingestion of larvae of anisakid.

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