Rosobrnadzor: In some regions of the unified state examination in Russian was unable to complete because of the extreme heat

In some regions, some members of the exam on the Russian language could not complete the exam because of the extreme heat. As reported in Rosobrnadzor, all participants that during the exam I felt ill and received medical treatment. They will be able to pass the exam on the Russian language in reserve day (25 July) or during the extension period (August). In General, the number seeking treatment in the first days of exam-2020, comparable to previous years, said the Agency.

the First day of the exam in Russian language passed without failure, the test is completed normally. On 6 July the exam in Russian language passed about 428 thousand participants, tomorrow July 7th, this test will still be to 243 thousand people. The mass of the EGE on the Russian language “smashed” in two days to minimize contact in terms of coronavirus.

the Results of the students, who passed July 6, will receive no later than July 20, the dealer July 7 — no later than July 23.

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