Rosprirodnadzor: NTEK owned by Norilsk Nickel, gave inaccurate information about the environmental pollution

“Norilsk-Taimyr energy company” (JSC “NTEK”, included in “Norilsk Nickel”) has committed a breach of the General requirements of environmental legislation. The company provided false information in the Declaration of environmental impact. The company has allowed the contamination of water bodies (rivers Daldykan, Barn, Pyasina, lake Pyasino) petroleum products due to depressurization of the reservoir, pollution and deterioration of land and soil. It is reported by Rosprirodnadzor on the results of unscheduled inspections.

the Minister noted that NTPC did not provide the upkeep of the equipment. For Norilsk CHP was not the storm drains and correct the sewer in the event of leakage, as well as plan in case of such emergency from the oil spill. They also found that at the industrial site is not provided, the removal and treatment of contaminated, technological, flushing sewage and other effluents.

According to the audit results of the management of JSC “NTEK” issued instructions on elimination of revealed violations of mandatory requirements of environmental legislation.

Recall, may 29, 2020 for Norilsk CHP-3, owned by JSC “NTEK”, there was a spill of more than 20 thousand tons of oil products penetrated into soil and into the river Barn and its tributary Daldykan that flow into a large lake Pyasino. Currently, the ongoing liquidation of consequences of the accident.

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