Rosprirodnadzor: On the coast of the Caspian sea is no place to swim due to hours of treatment

wastewater Treatment plant of the city of Izberbash in Dagestan do not work in the Caspian sea discharged contaminated wastewater.

Also, according to the head of Rosprirodnadzor of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Radionova, sewage treatment plants no in Derbent, Buynaksk and Dagestanskiye Ogni. And in Makhachkala, Khasavyurt, Kizilyurt, Kizlyar and South Sukhokumsk treatment facilities do not cope with a stream of sewage which is discharged into the sea.

“all the Caspian coast there are practically no places where you can swim without fear for their health. It’s not normal,” said Radionova in Instagram.

She said that as a result of numerous raids and fines Rosprirodnazdor managed to get the administration of Izberbash: last year there were renovated Sewerage networks, as now planned overhaul of the sewage treatment plants. The government of Dagestan today has considered the allocation of nearly 56 million rubles for these purposes.

“the Question is painful, it is necessary to act urgently. People come to cities on the Caspian coast to swim in the sea, not to lie in the hospital with intestinal infections”, — said Svetlana Radionova.

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