Rosstat called for the return of independence

Chief economist VEB state Corporation.Of the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach is confident that the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat) should have independent status and not subject to any of the departments. This opinion was expressed by RBC.

the Greater part of its existence, Rosstat reported directly to the government. Subordinate to the Ministry of economic development (MED) Ministry was about three months in 2004 and from 2008 to 2012. But from April 2017, Rosstat was again subordinated to the MAYOR (at that time the Ministry was headed by Maxim Oreshkin, now assistant to the President).

“the law of the Central Bank (the Central Bank of the Russian Federation — ed.) independence spelled out in the law on statistics does not. You have to understand in practice that it is necessary to respect the competence and independence of Rosstat, and this is not harmful, but use. There is always the problem of who brings bad news. As you know, in the history of the different khanates and principalities, for it was beheaded. Still, the news should bring quality, both good and bad, if there is a real problem. To do this, Rosstat needs to be independent and did not obey any of the departments,” — said Klepach.

At the same time he is concerned about the quality of statistical data, especially on industry, engineering, as well as incomes, which are heavily revised.

we also Recall that the Federal service of state statistics because of the restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, was forced to transfer a significant number of employees in a remote work or isolation.

So, in the Central office of Rosstat at work “is regularly present fewer than half of employees in the regional statistical bodies at remote work translated from a quarter to a third of the workers,” announced in early June “Rosbaltu” in press-service Agency.

Similar working conditions “that affected the durationalnost calculations and in some cases required additional verification of the source data and the calculations,” said Rosstat.

In this regard, the Agency had to adjust the time of disclosure. “Given the current circumstances (previously) decided that the information materials of Rosstat will be published at 19:00 (MSK)” — said the press service.

meanwhile, informed sources Reuters said that the time offset of the statistics due to the fact that the Russian government wants as little as possible to draw attention to the statistical data in a pandemic coronavirus and restrictions are becoming more dismal, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“Rosstat is forbidden to publish the data or require that they at least moved the time. Now trying, at least on the same day, but in the evening, to avoid the morning no news,” said a Reuters source familiar with the situation.

In particular, may 21 was published data on industrial production for April, and statistics appeared on the website of Rosstat only at 21:00 GMT. At the same time last week a report was published about the situation in the economy in April. However, before this for many years by stat office provided data at 16 o’clock in the evening.

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