Rosstat fired demographer who had criticized official statistics COVID-19

Rosstat fired demographer Alexei the Rakasha. “My work in Rosstat completed. The idea is not mine and not of Rosstat. Taking offers, looking for options,” he wrote in his Facebook. How to specify “the Media”, previously Raksha talked about deaths from coronavirus and its inconsistency of official statistics. “Kommersant” writes that in may, a demographer told The New York Times that Moscow 70% of deaths of people with coronavirus not included in the statistics as the main cause of death is not called infection. The Russian foreign Ministry these publications called “groundless speculation”. Cepstral Moscow also issued a denial. In addition, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the fate of these publications will depend on the publication of their denials of their materials. It was also reported that Roskomnadzor studies article the New York Times and Financial Times on the subject of fakes on the number of people infected with coronavirus in the Russian Federation. The inspection is conducted in the framework of the legislation on combating the spread of fake news. Let’s add that earlier the Director of the who programme on emergency health Michael Ryan stated that the statistics of deaths from coronavirus in Russia “difficult to understand”. According to him, a small number of deaths in high incidence looks “unusual.” Specialist of the international organization called on the Russian authorities to revise the reporting of deaths. In turn, the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov explained the discrepancy between Rosstat data and the operational headquarters for the April deaths from coronavirus. According to him, the case in different methodologies of calculation. He said that the government headquarters publishes the most current data. “Of course, there the most relevant data on morbidity and operative mortality data, which are manually entered into this system,” said Malkov. He clarifiedl that Rosstat receives information on deaths from the coronavirus from the Unified state register of records of acts of civil status (ZAGS usr).

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