Rosstat found only one service, which was used by the Russians during the isolation in April

In April, when the country was introduced strict quarantine measures in connection with epidemic of the coronavirus, the Russians reduced consumption of all types of services. However, one area significantly increased in comparison with last year — paid the rental, according to the materials of Rosstat. Hotel services revenue fell 87.1%, and tourism – 96.9%. In April, the revenue of the rental amounted to RUB 1.1 billion Is more than a quarter (26.5 per cent) more than in the same month last year. Thus, if to compare with March 2020, in April, rental services showed a decrease of 55.2%, four months 2020 revenues for these services exceeded the same period last year 88.4%. Most of the growth in the services sector hire came to Moscow with 89.9% (997,6 million RUB revenue), compared to April of 2019 it has grown more than twice. Moreover, 80% of the revenues given rental cars. Second place by revenues from rental services occupied the Krasnodar region — 18,3 mln, (+ 88.2 percent), third place went to Voronezh oblast — 13.2 million RUB Revenue from rentals exceeding 100 thousand rubles, recorded in 40 regions of Russia, in 24 regions, the revenue from rental services is comparable to zero. Several types of services showed the smallest among the other revenue decline. Consumption of telecommunications services increased in comparison with March the year 2020 by 2.7%, but compared with the April 2019 fell by 4%. Income in this sector was supported viewing of TV shows, movies, and other multimedia content during isolation. The volume of services provided to the elderly and the disabled decreased by 3.5% by April 2019 and 6% by March 2020. A slight decrease was also shown utility services, postal and courier services.

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