Rosstat: Industrial production in Russia in the

Industrial production in Russia in the past, “after hours” the month fell by 6.6% by April 2019, after increasing 0.3% in March, 3.3% in February and 1.1% in January, follows from the materials of Rosstat. According to the service, in January—April 2020 industry decreased by 0.6% in annual comparison. The decline in April was the highest since October 2009, but not as strong as analysts expected. Economists, in particular, predicted a decline of 13.3%, reports “Interfax”. With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, according to Rosstat, industrial production in April fell by 5.7%, after declining 1.1 percent in March, rising 0.3% in February and a 0.8 percent fall in January. Rosstat said that the introduction of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country and the slowdown in economic activity in most States, which is an important foreign trade partners of Russia, had a decisive impact on the decline in industrial production in April 2020. The largest decline in April showed the sectors associated with water supply, sanitation, waste management and recycling, elimination of pollutants — 11.4% by April 2019. According to Rosstat, the main reason is the suspension of a number of enterprises for the duration of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation on the introduction of non-working days. Thus, manufacturing production in April fell by 10% by April 2019, in the primary sector, the fall was 3.2%, in electro – and power system — a decline of 1.9%.

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