Rosstat recorded a slower growth of gasoline prices

Consumer prices on gasoline in Russia on average from 22 to 28 June rose by 0.1% after rising 0.3% the previous week. Such data results the Federal service of state statistics.

the Agency recorded increase in fuel prices in 39 centers of subjects of the Russian Federation, and most of all the prices grew in Kyzyl — 1.6%.

In General, indicates Rosstat, by June 29, the national average consumer price of 1 liter of gasoline increased 5 cents (compared to 22 June) to 45.18 ruble.

During the reporting period, retail price of AI-92 gasoline rose by 4 cents to 42,70 of the ruble. The price of gasoline AI-95 jumped 6 cents to 46.26 ruble. Gasoline AI-98 rose by 3 kopecks to the ruble 52,27.

Liter of diesel fuel according to 29 June, the average cost is 47,88 rubles — compared to 22 June the price rose by 3 pennies.

we will Add that during the reporting period, the country produced 775,6 thousand tons of gasoline (down 2.1% against previous week). Also released 1 million 454,4 thousand tons of diesel fuel (minus 0.4%).

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