In the match of the 24th round Russian Premier League Moscow Spartak failed to beat in his field “Ufa”. The match ended with the score 0:0. On 88 minutes, Alexander Sobolev, right, scored a goal, but it turned out that the goalkeeper Ufimtsev Alexander away to Belenov thus prevented. Also, VAR was on the side Belenov, who just before the whistle was able to save some 2-3 cm of the ball over the ribbon of gate. Thus the Spartacists had not enough to probesets on the minimum distance to place. They stayed in sixth place, and “Ufa” on the seventh.

Thanks to two goals by Alexei Miranchuk in the first half (one from a penalty), Lokomotiv Kazan beat Rubin 2:0. The railroad retained dietichny separation from “Zenith” and coming in second place in the championship.

Moscow Dinamo on your field, perhaps two-thirds of the match looked better than fellow-soldiers, but in the end CSKA, despite the problems with the squad, the game was leveled, creating dangerous moments at the gate Korenica. A goalless draw is a fair result that can help red-blue come in after a debacle with “Zenit”.

Rostov who served a quarantine, not being able at this time to train fully, leaned on Tula Arsenal with all the fury which transformed into goal by Pavel Mamaev in the first minute. Alexey Ionov increased the lead on 17 minutes. Artem Lutsenko in the second half, one ball played. However, the match ended with the score 2:1 in favor of the South, which after the “coronavirus” match against “Sochi”, I suppose, hurt a lot.

Recall that Krasnodar no game should get three points of failure “Orenburg”.

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