Rotenberg brothers suspected of buying paintings to bypass the sanctions

a Committee in the U.S. Senate came to the conclusion that the Russian oligarchs have found a new way to circumvent Western sanctions. Now they are investing millions of dollars in works of art.

According to the report, Arkady Rotenberg and his son Igor and his brother secretly bought more than 30 works of art in the auction houses of the United States and Britain in excess of $18 million Among them paintings by Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Marc Chagall and other famous artists, writes the BBC.

the brothers allegedly tried to conceal their involvement in transactions on the market in the United States through the collector Gregory Baltzer. In 2013, he opened in Moscow art-club BALZER, whose account was used to purchase art for clients. The acquisition was paid through an offshore company Steamort Limited in the interests of Rotenberg.