“roundabout” summed up the Federal share “Big Gastrolle”, which took place this spring in all the retail stores. The main prize — a family trip to Dubai theme Park Motiongate won Daniel Kesarev from Moscow. He scored more than 400 votes in a karaoke competition in the app “Trolls.Karaoke” for the song “don’t be shy”.

Daniel six years, he enjoys sports and music, learning to play the violin and piano, loves to sing. According to mother, he has absolute ear for music from early childhood. All the characters of “Trolls” family Caesarean immediately fell in love with after watching the first part of the animated film, and Daniel knows almost all the songs from both pictures. So when I heard about the contest “Pyaterochka” immediately decided to participate.

“Son loves “Trolls”, his favorite characters — rose, and Tzvetan. When we saw the advertisement on TV, I immediately decided to participate in the competition. Gathered a collection of toys and cards from “the five”, Dan has scanned them myself in the application were collected in the album. Each new card has become an event! To participate in the contest chose the Russian song and stayed for the song “Statemen” Ivan Dorn. Victory, of course, very pleased! When I posted the video — waited and hoped for victory. Very happy that “roundabout” gave us such a wonderful opportunity! In the Park we will go with the whole family as soon as you open the border,” tells about the victory of his son Daniel’s mother, Juliana C-section.

“Thanks to our campaign “Big gastrolle” millions of families were having fun at home-isolation, singing favorite songs or playing a Board game together. At a karaoke competition in the mobile app “Trolls. Karaoke“ odlicnomoose huge number of users, and we are pleased now to celebrate the winner. I hope that the Caesarean family will soon go on a journey, and it will bring them a lot of unforgettable impressions! I invite all guests of “the five” to participate in our promotions, to believe in victory and a dream come true, because miracles do happen,” said marketing Director of a trading network “Pjaterochka” Michael Yartsev.

Number of uploaded UGC amounted to almost 15 thousand videos, and after moderation for participation in the competition were over 6 thousand performances. We will remind that the action “Big gastrolle” was launched on the eve of the release of the continuation of the story about the brave Trolls — “the Trolls. World tour”. Under the terms for every 555 rubles in check stores guests got a card with a 3D effect with the image of the characters in the film. In support of the campaign developed a mobile application with augmented reality. It quickly became popular: it was downloaded more than two million times; most downloads of over 1.5 million — were spent on Android users. By scanning with the help of the card, the user has gained access to the karaoke tunes of well-known European and Russian hits. The application was allowed to sing karaoke, record a video of their performances to use different AR-mask of the trolls, keep these videos, share them on social networks, to call their friends to karaoke battles and get prizes for winning them.

Full list of winners is published on the website Trolls2.5ka.ru.

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