Rowling and hundreds of masters of doom demanded to cancel the

Increased attention to the demands of the opponents of racism, sexism, and capitalism could lead to the restriction of freedom of speech and debate. This opinion is shared by about 150 leading intellectuals of the world, among them the author of the “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling, the philosophers Francis Fukuyama and Noam Chomsky, grandmaster Garry Kasparov, and even feminist Gloria Steinem.

a Letter to community members, in which they called “save the opportunity to sincerely disagree with something without severe professional consequences for themselves”, publishes the journal Harper’s. So, according to the signatories, reporters in the West sometimes fired for going to print controversial materials, and forbid them to write about specific issues against the “sharks of a feather” also play their “bad clause”.

In the end, writers, artists and journalists, fearing for their “well-being”, starts to be guided by self-censorship, stated in the appeal.

Intellectuals demand to abolish the so-called culture of boycott (сancel culture), or deprivation of the famous people of all merit in the case, if they made ambiguous or unacceptable from the moral point of view statements or actions.

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