By large portraits interposed, hung face-to-face or vis-à-vis, two excellent duelists face off with a plume crazy at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris. Here an officer proud and authoritarian. A young lord full of morgue. Here still a beautiful eccentric seeming to mock us in her floaty dress. Here finally two archers in full chase ; at least that they are both dandies disguised as Apollo and dancing in an exquisite country-style décor…

In the second half of the Eighteenth century in London, Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough are stars. Their game aesthetic is so famous, followed by all the high society, starting with king George III, that it helps to radiate from the outset, the young Royal Academy of Arts, these two artists have, with a few other class lesser, based.

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This is the first chapter of this institution – one that …

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