Between a tribute to his father mime, a darbouka (drum of the Middle East) and a conversation where he demonstrates the interest that there is to master several foreign languages (in his case, French, English, Arabic and Hebrew), Gad Elmaleh did not dodge any question, even the most direct ones, of the children of the show “At the table!!!”, aired Tuesday night on C8.

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of course, it is to be expected on the plagiarism. “No. I have often spoken about a comedian that I love and that has become my great buddy, Jerry Seinfeld. This is the greatest comic in the world. I do not hide it, it’s been years since I watch his shows, that I get my inspiration directly in what I do. This is what I claim. The rest, not at all,” he admits, in conformity with the position that he held since the beginning of this case in 2017.

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A case that lasts two years

“So we care about the rumor…”, asked another child. “If you can get it to you in a file, it is strong,” replied

then answered the comedian. The children do dismount and continue their “questioning” by asking him if he received the support of other comedians. Without doubt a reference to the recent departure of Muriel Robin on the subject. A new, Gad Elmaleh is evidence of calm, and a certain decline. “It is in difficult times that we see the true friends, especially in this business,” he explains. And to quote Oprah Winfrey: “They are many those that want to ride with you in the limo, but very little when it fails will take the bus with you.”

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The interpreter François Pignon in the Lining does not come out of this case. Unveiled at the great day by CopyComic for the first time in 2017, Gad Elmaleh, was defended in the show Daily preferring to speak of a tribute. In 2019, the YouTube channel has been accused again by the horns of “flight of the “valves”. Through two videos, the one who calls himself Ben dissects the mechanics of the plagiarism in the comic, even going so far as to designate its loans to its fellow of the humor as Gaderies.