Russia and Belarus delayed the signing of an agreement on mutual support of visas for half a year

Minsk and Moscow finally signed the document which allows the parties to mutually recognize visas issued by third countries. Initially, the conclusion of the agreement is expected at the end of 2018.

the Signature under the agreement was signed by foreign Minister Vladimir Makei and Sergei Lavrov. According to the Russian Minister, the Treaty “will be very well received and in fact will continue our joint construction of the Union state”. His Belarusian counterpart, responding to those who said that the signing was delayed for a year and a half, said that the result is more important.

“Can I ask you a question, how long are our proposals or projects of some documents on the table of the EU, how long have viewed these documents,” he was quoted by BelTA.

the Mutual recognition of visas means that foreign nationals can stay in Russia or Belarus, including transit, on the basis of a visa issued by one of the parties. This applies to traveling by air, rail, and six main roads.

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