Russia and Serbia will exchange cultural values

the state Duma ratified the agreement on cultural exchange between Russia and Serbia, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the Agreement provides for the transfer of Serbia Petersburg leaf Of the gospel, which is still kept in the Russian national library. In return, Russia will receive seven paintings of Nicholas Roerich, stored in National Museum of Serbia “Holy guests. (Good visit)”, “Berendei. Village. (Sloboda Berendeeva), Chimes. (Call bells)”, “Borgustan in the Caucasus (Borgustan. Caucasus)”, “Saint Sergius (Sergius of Radonezh)”, “Sketch female costumes for “snow Maiden”, “the female costume Sketch for the Opera ‘the snow maiden’).

the authenticity of the paintings and their historical and cultural value established in the field of expertise of employees of the State Museum of Oriental art.

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