Unn scenario, which is not to the liking of Moscow. The Russian ministry of Culture has cancelled in extremis the expected release Thursday of the hollywood film Hunter Killer in which american soldiers are saving the Russian president, to prevent a third world War, citing administrative reasons.

“The delivery company has not delivered in the expected time a copy of the film to the quality required at the cinémathèque State Gosfilmofond”, said the Russian ministry of Culture in a press release to justify the prohibition of distribution. The film was released in 850 theatres of Russia.

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Adaptation of a book by George Wallace and Don Keith Hunter Killer , tells the story of a submarine commander american inexperienced, forced to team up with a unit of Navy Seals in the waters of the Arctic ocean in order to come to the rescue of the Russian president. The latter is held hostage by terrorists, the russians, led by the minister of Defence, who are preparing a coup and threaten to trigger a Third world War.

Private output in Ukraine

In September, Hunter Killer had already been deprived of output in Ukraine, under a law recently introduced in a context of tensions in russo-Ukrainian banning films that were considered as glorifying the Russian army.

“The film fell foul of a law and has been banned. His ban was decided a month ago”, confirmed a representative of the company Ukrainian Kinomania responsible for its distribution, who declined to give his name. In France, its output is scheduled for 12 December.

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