Russia has proposed to introduce regulations smell

In the state Duma the bill providing introduction in Russia of standards of the smell, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”. The initiative was made by the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

If the law is adopted, each region can set their own standards of odor and to monitor its intensity to control for the environment.

Often urban residents complain of sharp and uncomfortable smells, but the authorities can not determine the source of the smell and its structure, and also to bring the offender to justice. In most cases, ongoing measurements show that the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of chemical substances does not exceed norm.

the bill provides for the introduction of new legislation the concepts of “smell” and “regional standard of the smell.” For specialized agencies secured additional powers and the possibility of monitoring ambient air to control odors. For the regions implementation of the proposed rules will become a right and not an obligation because it will require significant financial costs.

the Document provides for the rule that in the exercise of economic activity of the enterprise are obliged to observe the established regional standard of the smell, as other additional environmental and health standards.

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