Russia has said that banks are at risk to leave the market

Some banks during the crisis because of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 can leave the Russian market. This was announced today at the Congress of the Association of Russian banks (ARB) has warned the head of service of the current Bank supervision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Bogdan Châble.

According to him, “most of the banks have the necessary reserves and capital and liquidity”. “Most, but not all. Some banks, of course, including banks with low capital, low liquidity, poor quality of corporate governance is likely to go. But it will not have any significant impact on the banking sector”, — quotes TASS of the representative of the Governor.

Recall that in early February, the rating Agency “National credit ratings” (NKR) predicted that this year the Central Bank will continue to revoke the license of banks, with the result that the market may leave another 25-30 credit institutions. Experts NKR expected “trend from the market unstable players, although the extent of revoking licenses and will not return to the level of the period of active “clearing” of the sector by the Bank of Russia”.

According to the CBR, as of 1 January 2020 in Russia were 442 credit institution (at the beginning of the 2019 — 484). In December the number was reduced to two (with a share in the assets of less than 0.1%) in connection with the revocation of the license. For all of last year was revoked/cancelled license, 31 credit organizations, 12 occurred in the reorganization merger.

In early March, analysts of the rating Agency “Expert RA” has suggested that, despite the slowdown in the withdrawal of licenses from banks, in 2020 the risk will be 38 credit institutions. Then the experts evaluated that the default in the next 12 months threatens to 9.5% of existing banks (the list was not disclosed).

last year, the pace of withdrawal of licenses has slowed, but clearing the sector has not been completed, and defaults some players were moved to the year 2020, explained managing Director for validation of “Expert RA” Yuri Belikov.

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