Russia in the coming days will resume transport links with Belarus

Aviation and railway communication between Russia and Belarus will be resumed in the coming days. On this, as BelTA, said the Belarusian Premier Roman Golovchenko held today in Moscow negotiations with the Russian colleague Mikhail Mishustin. “We have raised this issue. The Russian side monitors the situation on the basis of their epidemiological situation”, — he explained. Golovchenko said that while the Russian side does not name specific dates, “asking to wait for the official decision.” Recall that the transport message between the countries was interrupted in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. In June, we will add, Minsk and Moscow signed a document that allows the parties to mutually recognize visas issued by third countries. Initially, the conclusion of the agreement is expected in late 2018. Mutual recognition of visas means that foreign nationals can stay in Russia or Belarus, including transit, on the basis of a visa issued by one of the parties. This applies to citizens who travel by air, rail, and six main roads.

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