Russia is slowly getting fat

In Russia in 2019 15.8% (compared to 2018) increased number of people identified with obesity. This is stated in the statistics of the Ministry of health last year.

According to these data, in 2018 registered patients with first time established diagnosis “obesity” was 446 thousand 663, and in 2019 — already 357 517 thousand. The rate per 100 thousand population, the figure in 2019 amounted to 352.5 case (in 2018 is 304.2).

according to TASS, most often obesity per 100 thousand population was recorded in the Novgorod oblast (905,4), Altai (884,9), Leningrad region (851,7). Least of all in Chechnya (121,2), Primorye (130,3) and in Ingushetia (150).

While among children up to 14 years obesity in 2019 for the first time revealed at 112 thousand patients (14.9 thousand persons more than in the previous year). In adolescents aged 15-17 years this indicator last year has also increased by 6.6 thousand to 38,8 thousand cases.

In the whole country in 2019 with a diagnosis of “obesity”, there were about 2.2 million people, 172 thousand more than a year earlier.

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