Russia received more income from the export of gold than gas

Russia’s Revenues from gold exports for the first time exceeded revenue from the sale of gas.

So, in April and may of this year, Russian companies have sold abroad to 65.4 tonnes of gold. The sum of metal exports totaled $3.55 billion, reports PRIME with reference to data of the Federal customs service (FCS) and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, export deliveries of “blue fuel” in April and may brought “Gazprom” (the monopoly on exports of pipeline gas from Russia) of $2.4 billion, and for the entire second quarter of the year such sales amounted to $3.5 billion That, according to the CBR, the minimum value for the quarter since 2002.

earlier, the FCS was cited statistics according to which Russia’s revenues from oil and gas exports fell sharply in April of this year. So, at the end of the reporting month revenue of Russian companies from the sale abroad of crude oil amounted to $4,446 billion, which is almost 40% less than in March 2020. Meanwhile, revenue from export of Russian pipeline gas made in April of $1,319 billion, while in March it received $1,766 billion.

Before it was reported that the new reality of the quarantine of the economy resulting from the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, left without permission one-fifth of production facilities “Gazprom”: dynamics of production in may 2020, as earlier in April and March, decreases relative to the same month in 2019 at a stable 20%.

As was shown in the calculations of “Interfax” on the basis of operative data CDU TEK, in may 2020, the group produced 32.9 billion cubic meters after 41,77 billion cubic meters in may 2019. It is also lower than in may 2018 (39,98 billion cubic meters), 2017 (35,93 billion cubic meters), but higher than for may of 2016 (27,53 billion cubic meters).

we will Add that in I quarter of current year “Gazprom” for the first time in its history, began to operate at a loss, counting on Russian accounting standards (RBSU), and the amount of loss amounted to 306 billion rubles, said the “Interfax”.

Issues of concern have become abnormally warm winter and the overcrowding of the European repositories, in which the company is actively pumped gas to improve the statistics for 2019. His role was played by the increase of other manufacturers in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market. In the aggregate, a dramatic excess of supply over demand led to a record decline in fuel costs, stated

it was Also noted that by 2020, Gazprom has budgeted the sum of $133 per thousand cubic meters with a possible drop to $70 in summer, however, the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 dealt another blow.

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