Russia was accused of a campaign of disinformation against competing with trump Biden

In the US there was a new election scandal in Russia. Now Moscow is suspect, not just in help to Donald Trump and discredit his opponent in the upcoming November election, Joseph Biden, reports CNN.

the Version that the Russian government may be interested in the “vilification campaign” ex-Vice-President of the United States, expressed in counterintelligence. With these suspicions briefed the congressmen.

of the Russian Federation considers Biden as the representative of the anti-establishment and in this regard uses against his “range of measures” misinformation, said the head of the National centre for counterintelligence and security William Evanina.

Persons associated with the Kremlin, also attempt “to promote the candidacy of trump in social networks and Russian TV”, say the scouts.

Biden is the Democratic party and the tramp, until he won them in 2016 elections non-partisan — Republican. The election may intervene and China, but he, unlike Russia, does not need a victory trump, said the representative of intelligence services, informs BBC News. As you know, trump has been pursuing a consistent anti-Chinese policy, even responsible for the pandemic coronavirus he lays on Beijing.

Also among the possible violators of the “purity” of the American democratic process is called Iran.

Russia denies accusations of meddling in elections in the United States and the support of trump.

the Republican said Friday that his enemy is unworthy of the votes of blacks, who traditionally vote for the democratic candidate. Trump’s words are explained by the statement of Biden that “unlike most black U.S. citizens are of Latin American origin are a more diverse community, whose members have very different views on different issues”. While trump has repeatedly accused of racism.