Russia was accused of trying to steal data on the vaccine for the coronavirus

Russian intelligence tried to steal data on the development of a vaccine from COVID-19. To such conclusion employees of the National cybersecurity center in the UK (NCSC), writes Bloomberg. This fact is also confirmed by the representatives of the governments of the USA and Canada.

BREAKING: Russian cyber attackers are targeting organizations involved in developing coronavirus vaccines, the US, UK and Canadian governments allege.

— CNN (@CNN) July 16, 2020

According to media reports, several institutions in several countries subjected to cyber attacks. The responsibility for trying to steal the data of the British authorities attributed to the hacker group APT29, she’s Cozy Bear or The Dukes, which, according to the media, “controlled by” Russian intelligence. This hacker group allegedly used malicious software, WellMess and WellMail to attack organizations across the globe.

List the names and number of attacked institutions in the NCSC refused.

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