Russian athlete-the champion may change sports citizenship

One of the most promising athletes of the world, 16-year-old Matvey Volkov plans to change sports citizenship. On this edition of “Sport-Express” said father and trainer of Matthias Konstantin Volkov. The reason for this decision was a ban on the performance of the athletes from Russia under a neutral flag from the World Athletics. It is known that the interest of the other country and have a letter asking about the transition has already been written in WA. “If they recognize that the circumstances are really unusual and unique — the process is running. I don’t want because of the stupid actions of officials Matthew was discriminated athlete,” — said Volkov. According to him, a similar decision was taken “at least one athlete”. “The top-level. Adult. A letter is also sent to WA. I will not name names unless the person wants — he will tell you. Moreover, we still have to wait for the response WA”, — said Konstantin Volkov. A remark that surely there are people who will accuse athletes in artritizme, Volkov said, “That’s stupid. If the Federation and the country cannot provide the athlete a trivial part in international competitions — that’s what patriotism is? If the conditions, even thought to leave, no one there”. Adding that 16-year-old Matthew wolf is a record holder in the pole vault in his age category. In the winter he took a height of 5.50 m and surpassed the achievement of Armand Duplantis, the current world record. Meanwhile, Russian athletes were forbidden to give a neutral status after the all-Russian athletics Federation has not paid the fine World Athletics of $5 million After that, the Russian athletes — the world champion in the hurdles Sergey Shubenkov, world champion in pole vault Angelica Sidorova and three-time world champion jump highTu Maria Laecken — appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the request to pay attention to the “catastrophic situation” in athletics. The authors of the appeal reminded that the crisis in the sport lasts from 2015. “We stand on the threshold of a final collapse and destruction of athletics,” stated they.

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