Russian doctors predict a rise in the number of cancer patients by year-end

By the end of the year oncological situation in Russia worsens, told doctors echnology at a press conference in TASS. The doctors attributed this to the fact that the pandemic is not the work of institutions of primary health care, and therefore, the detection rate of cancer patients has decreased.

“If we were up to 2400 weekly visits to the clinic, but now only about 1400. Of them patients — 200 people total. And in fact this was much more,” — gave the example of the main specialist in clinical Oncology, City clinical Oncology dispensary Rashida Orlova.

the decline in the number of patients said and Director of the St. Petersburg clinical scientific and practical centre for specialized medical care (oncological) Vladimir Moiseenko. According to him, now in the institution are observed mainly “re” patients who receive long-term treatment.

Experts told the health Committee of St. Petersburg, to solve the problem.

“otherwise in the fall we will have an explosion in the number of patients with the coronavirus, and with advanced forms of the tumor, because the discontinued programme for early detection. Patients, even those who have complaints, are not able to be examined on the outpatient basis. This will cause a noticeable deterioration in indicators of oncological situation by the end of the year” — summed up Moiseenko.

Recall, patients with cancer in St. Petersburg can get the help of doctors, despite the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus. While a planned admission postponed, if it does not threaten the life of patients.

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